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Initially just offering Genealogical Research,
YouTree now also offers PRINTING SERVICES
in the Warwick/Coventry area.
Please follow the "Printing" link above for details.

The Yew Tree is renowned for its long lifespan - some survive 2000+ years!  I can't hope to trace your "You Tree" that far back, but with a bit of luck I can get you back 200 years fairly quickly - and I can offer help to go further.

Successful research cannot be guaranteed.  Most of the records I can access easily relate to England and Wales (including census records from 1841 - 1911; birth, marriage & death records from 1837 to recent times; and certain other sources of information).

On a basic search, provided that you have enough information to give me a good start, I would normally be able to trace most branches of the family back to the early-mid 19th century, including tracing the names and dates for siblings of direct ancestors.

Please see the "Research" page for information about prices for different research options.